No-cost Multiframe Academic

No-cost Multiframe Academic “Learning License” Software and Resources Offered to Students and Educators, via the Bentley Education portal..

Bentley Education Program Expands to Global Scope (Since November 2021).

This applies from middle schools through higher education levels.

Students and Educators get full access to learning licenses of Maxsurf, Multiframe and MOSES. These are located within Bentley Systems Offshore Structural Analysis range.

To confirm your eligibility, log in (at or ) using your institutional email address. If you don’t have one, log in with an alternative email id and validate your eligibility by uploading your student/educator ID card.

It is utilised by many Universities worldwide.

Or contact us for details.

Structures book

For courses in Structures or Structural Analysis and Design.

With a focus on how structures really work, this book offers single-volume coverage of all major topics in structural analysis and design. Discussing concepts from both an engineering and architectural perspective, it explores structural behavior, structural analysis and design within a building context. This edition features a new co-author, new graphic format and expanded coverage in the areas of computer-aided analysis techniques, design of multi-story buildings, shell structures and cable supported beams. Reinforcing the real-world perspective of the text, each book contains Multiframe structural analysis software to engage students in sophisticated analysis and design activities.