Working Remotely with Multiframe or MAXSURF

We have assembled this wiki to help ensure a smooth transition of work from any location using MAXSURF, MOSES or SACS applications.

Machine Requirements

There are several options to work remotely. You may decide to install the software on your home computer which is our recommendation, or connect to a work machine virtually using Remote Desktop Connection or other virtualization software. MAXSURF, MOSES and SACS products will work on most machines running Windows, but we recommend Windows 10. 

Important notice about use of Bentley applications in virtual environments – click here

Downloading Software

All Bentley software is downloaded from the Bentley Software Downloads pages:

General download and installation directions are available here.

  • You need to be a CONNECTED user to download and use Multiframe, Maxsurf, MOSES or SACS.
  • During of installation of products, the CONNECTION Client will also be installed.
    • The Bentley CONNECTION Client is the mechanism to sign-in and entitle all current Bentley applications.
    • Sign-in using your work email address. If your company has a federated sign-in with Bentley, then the password will be your company password, otherwise use your Bentley password.
    • The System Clock should be accurate. We recommend the “Set time automatically” option in the Windows Date & time settings.
  • After initial connection, you can check out a licence to work offline if necessary, see Reserving a License
  • When starting any MAXSURF, MOSES or SACS product the first time, be sure to select the right option or license tiers. If you are not sure which license option or tier to use check with your local administrator first. This CONNECT Licensing Guide – Analysis Products shows how and where to change the license configuration in our various applications. 

Accessing Product Documentation

  • Product Manuals are installed with your application, and accessible via Help menu inside the programs.
  • Product documentation is also available online at  – scroll down and look under “Offshore Structural Analysis”
  • Background technotes, tips & tricks, and FAQs are in the Support Solutions

Additional Training and Videos

Special Interest Groups and upcoming Webinars

Resolving licensing issues

How to Get Help