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Engineers Architects and Students using Multiframe

Multiframe Users Worldwide

We are proud to confirm that the Multiframe range of integrated engineering software is used in many leading Universities around the world

Thousands of Multiframe Users around the world can testify to it’s effectiveness for all types of frame analysis and design. They include:

Kajima Corporation GHD MIT
Kumagai Gumi Halpern Glick Maunsell Harvard School of Design
Taisei Corporation Kaiser Engineers Stanford University
Takenaka Komuten Australian Defense Industries University of Michigan
Lend Lease Lawrence Berkeley Labs University of Sydney
Bechtel MTS Systems Tokyo University
Clough Engineering Caltrans Design Cornell University
Leighton Contractors Flour Daniel University of Auckland
Hydroquebec NASA Ames Research UC Berkeley

Multiframe and Multiframe Advanced are available as standalone products.

Or they are included with MAXSURF Naval Architecture software by Bentley.

See some of the design work of the Engineers Architects and Students using Multiframe here.

Multiframe Structural Engineering Software

Multiframe Structural Engineering Software provides linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic options and buckling calculations.

These analysis options are complemented by a full range of analysis-related modeling tools like master-slave, prescribed displacements, springs, thermal effects, offset members, additional masses and much more.

Other modules allow you to draw section shapes and install them in the sections library and perform design checks for a range of design codes.

Multiframe Automation allows you to prepare design calculations in Excel and link them directly with your Multiframe model. An ever expanding range of design add-ons also allows you to simplify steel code checking and optimization.

There are several very helpful short videos about the Multiframe Structural Engineering Software. These videos begin with geometry

See more videos here.