• Multiframe was used to design the $5 billion (Australian) expansion of Australia’s North West Shelf liquefied natural gas project. This is Australia’s largest resource development project.
  • NorthWest Shelf LNG Expansion
    • Major steel structures for LNG processing
    • Primary structure, 1000 tonnes steel, 4100 members
    • 125 load cases, 750,000 loads
    • Automatic load generation using VBA macros
    • Saved 2 weeks of structural design team’s time


Horizontally curved, incrementally launched reinforced concrete bridge, designed by J.R Spronken & Associates using Multiframe.

High rise

50 story Century Tower in Sydney, designed by Taylor & Herbert Consultants using Multiframe

Kajima Corporation – Tokyo Leading vertically integrated construction company. Numerous design and construction projects including Japan TV headquarters in Tokyo.

Lloyds of London

Engineers Anthony Hunt & Associates

Industrial buildings

Multi-span curved roof created by Jaime R. Gonzales Blanco for the Lucky Star  factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico using Multiframe.

Cypress Dome Takenaka Komuten

Timber Framed Coyote Lodge –Paradigm Builders

British Library of Political and Economical Science

Architects Foster & Partners, Engineers Adams Kara Taylor (now AKT II)

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