Multiframe Automation allows you to prepare design calculations in Excel and link them directly with your Multiframe model.

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Multiframe provides support for automation via an interface that allows the user to create a frame, perform an analysis and examine the results. The interface enables interaction with many other applications that support automation in a suitable VBA macro-programming environment such as

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access

Automation can also be used via many modern programming languages and even the Windows Scripting Host, which can be used to automate applications directly from the Windows environment.

For the technically inclined the core technology behind Multiframe is COM, Microsoft’s Common Object Model.

VBA Visual Basic for Applications is the easiest environment in which to develop scripts, macros or small programs that exploit automation.

Uses of automation and examples are in a separate Multiframe Automation manual.

Multiframe Automation – Stairs
This brief 2 minute video shows how to use Multiframe Automation to generate a series of stairs.