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New as of May 2023 use the Bentley Support Portal

Learning Multiframe

The best way to learn to use Multiframe is going through the “Learning Multiframe ” tutorials. These take you through all the basics of working with Multiframe from starting the application to modelling a simple 2D or 3D structure. The tutorials are supported by videos. These videos can be installed by installing “Learning Multiframe” from the installation CD or after downloading the installer from the web.

Both new users as well as experienced Multiframe users will benefit from working through this training document.

Continue reading: 

  • Chapter 2 Using Multiframe; series of step-by-step instructions on specific tasks in Multiframe.
  • Chapter 3 Multiframe Reference; lists all menu commands available in Multiframe.
  • Chapter 4 Multiframe Analysis; explains the matrix calculation methods used in Multiframe including sign conventions etc.

Chapter 2 Using Multiframe

After doing Learning Multiframe tutorials (see Chapter 1 Getting Started for more information) you should now have a basic knowledge of some of the features of structural analysis and design using Multiframe.  This chapter presents a series of stepby-step instructions to the tasks covered in Learning Multiframe as well as other procedures you will want to know about.

The chapter begins with a summary of basic computer skills, and this is followed by a description of the tasks involved in analysing and designing a structure using Multiframe.  These tasks fall into three general categories; Creating the structure, specifying the loads and interpreting the results of analysis.  The first three sections of this chapter reflect these categories.  This is followed by detailed explanations of doing design calculations, printing and saving data and transferring data to other programs.

  • Techniques
  • Using Views
  • Creating a Structure
  • Applying Loads
  • Analysis
  • Viewing Results
  • Printing
  • Data Exchange


There are several techniques you can use in Multiframe to make modelling structures fast and intuitive.  In this section you will learn about the different mouse and keyboard techniques available in Multiframe…

Service Request

New as of May 2023 use the Bentley Support Portal

Getting started with Multiframe

There are many ways to get started and the best approach may depend on your structural engineering experience.

We suggest watching a video such as one of these to get perspective on the capabilities and user interface.


The Multiframe software is supplied with comprehensive colour online manuals (Multiframe, Automation, Shape Editor, Steel Design) with tutorials.

And Quickstart document.