Multiframe Range

Multiframe building design and analysis

Multiframe Structural Engineering Range

● 3D frame, truss and plate analysis
● Linear and Second Order analysis
● Section properties calculation
● Design check and optimization for steel frames
● Multiframe Advanced
● Adds Modal and Time History dynamic analysis
● Includes all design codes
● ASD, AIJ, LRFD, BS5950, AS4100, NZS3404, AS4600, AISI, EC/3 & User defined code

Multiframe Structural Engineering Range – Overview

Multiframe dynamic modal analysis and earthquake time history analysis

● Fast, low cost, frame analysis
● Modelling
● Generate, Duplicate, Mirror, Rotate etc
● Loading
● Point, Moment, Uniform, Variable, Thermal
● Analysis
● Linear
● Results
● Actions, Deflections, Stresses
● Tables, Diagrams


NorthWest Shelf LNG Expansion
Major steel structures for LNG processing

● Modelling
● 3D clipping and masking
● Extrude
● Advanced member orientation
● OpenGL Rendering
● Analysis
● Linear, 2nd Order, Buckling
● Results
● OpenGL rendering
● Animation
● Colour overlay of any action or stress

Multiframe Advanced

Multiframe dynamic modal analysis and earthquake time history analysis

● All features of 3D plus –
● Modal analysis
● Subspace iteration or Jacobi method
● Automatic self weight
● Additional lumped masses
● Lumped or distributed mass model
● Participation factors
● Time History Analysis
● Force or acceleration input
● Library of spectra
● Can be combined with master-slave
● Graphs of nodal results
● Animation of global response

Multiframe Plate Elements

Multiframe Plate Modeling

● Plate/shell elements to be included in any Multiframe model using arbitrarily shaped patches
● With or without openings
● Plate formulation  compatible with the beam elements
● Stress and action results can be displayed as contours on the 3D model.

Multiframe Structural Engineering Range – Shape Editor

Multiframe Shape Editor

● Section properties calculation
● Completely graphical interface
● Steel, concrete or Composite sections
● Insert standard sections or shapes
● Import DXF shapes
● Integrated with Multiframe sections library
● Advanced Finite Element calculations of torsional properties

Multiframe Structural Engineering Range – Steel Design

Multiframe Steel Design

● Specify design properties
● Check to a range of codes
● ASD, AIJ Allowable Stress Codes
● EC/3, LRFD, BS5950, AS4100, NZS3404 Limit State Codes
● AS4600, AISI Cold Formed codes
● User Defined code
● Optimize for least weight with constraints
● Full report with details of design calcs
● Optional reporting to Word

Multiframe and Multiframe Advanced are available as standalone products in the Multiframe Structural Engineering Range.

Or they are included with MAXSURF Naval Architecture software by Bentley.

See some Multiframe users here.

And some of their design work here.